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David Ben-Gurion's Negev

In David Ben Gurion's bedroom, hangs a portrait of Mahatma Gandhi (the only picture in the room), under it is a plaque with Ben Gurion's words:

"The moral strength of the East is perhaps embodied most of all in the great Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi, the outstanding man who is heading the war for independence and the weapon of this commander is non-violence."

David Ben-Gurion, considered the chief architect of the state of Israel, said "The future of Israel lies in the Negev." Why? Good question. The Negev was an inhospitable desert, but it was also a large buffer between the Arab world to the south and the inhabited parts of Israel. I suspect that it also represented a challenge to create something from nothing, which is a common theme for the people who came to Israel.

a Bedouin Camp

They used to move with the sheep and climate - grazing, now as a condition of Israeli law they must stay in one place.

When travelers ask for a place to rest, the custom is to offer three cups of coffee as a courtesy, regardless of the traveler's tribe.

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