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Historical and Cultural Context
Drawing Prompt
Alfred Stieglitz (1864-1946) b. America

Stieglitz - Dorothy True

“Wherever there is light, one can photograph.” - http://www.photoquotes.com/ShowQuotes.aspx?id=113&name=Stieglitz,Alfred

Media emphasis: photographer

Art movement(s): Linked Ring, Photo-Secessionists

Glossary of Art Movements from Infoplease

Principles and elements of design: balance, contrast, emphasis, rhythm, space, texture, value

Helpful links: http://beinecke.library.yale.edu/digitallibrary/asgo.html

Stieglitz - G O'Keeffe - 1918

Stieglitz - O'Keeffe Camping

Stieglitz - O'Keeffe - Yosemite

Stieglitz - Wire Wheel

Stieglitz - A Snapshot - Paris - 1911

Stieglitz - O'Keeffe Hands

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