San Diego Jewish Academy
High School Humanities
Instructions for Volunteer Facilitators
(adapted from "The Sounds of Learning: Portfolio Presentations" by Michelle Mullen and Blaze Newman, San Dieguito High School Academy)

Welcome, and thank you for being part of our Community Portfolio Presentation Day.

A possible scenario for the groups is as follows:

1. All members of the group introduce themselves.

2. Students agree upon the order in which they will present. One student may volunteer to be the timer to notify the presenter of the seven-minute mark.

3. The first student presents her/his portfolio to the group, focusing on her/his learning more than on the individual pieces. Listeners might take notes during the presentation, to help them give more specific and thorough feedback afterwards.

4. After each student presents, any member of the group may offer oral feedback or ask questions on both the presentation and the portfolio. We've allowed about five minutes for this.

5. When all presentations are complete, please encourage the group to discuss what they have learned individually and as a whole from the portfolio presentations.

Please feel free to ask questions of any presenter and to encourage other students to do so. You might ask questions such as:

  • What was the most challenging assignment for you?
    What made it challenging?
    How did you deal with that challenge?
    What was the outcome?
  • Of what piece are you the proudest?
  • From what assignment(s) did you learn the most?
    What did you learn?
  • Reviewing your work as a whole, what do you plan to focus on in future writing, design, art, or English classes?
  • Is there anything that you accomplished this year that surprises you? What? Why does it surprise you?
  • What assignment was the easiest for you?
    What does that suggest about you?

Thank you, facilitators, for giving your time and energy to this project.

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