San Diego Jewish Academy
High School Humanities
Semester Portfolio Rubric

Portfolio 1. a flat, portable case for carrying loose paper, drawings, etc. 2. such a case for carrying documents of a govenment department. 3. the total holdings of the securities, commercial paper, etc., of a finacnial institution or prvate investor. 4. the office or post of a minister of a cabinet. (Webster's, p. 1507)

Compilation; collection, miscellany; collected works, selected works; anthology; album

Assignment Rationale: To provide a formal platform to collect, select, and reflect on work created in and influenced by Humanities and to establish a foundation and growing appreciation for continuing the portfolio process.

Your portfolio demonstrates personal achievement

50 points


in clearly and completely describing, with examples in writing, design, and technology, skills learned, and strategies and types of learning used.

50 points


in thoughtfully relating learning to progress as shown in your portfolio presentation and your reflection.

20 points


in displaying excellent control of language and design mechanics with few to no errors.

15 points


in displaying your work (portfolio) in a creative, appropriate, organized, and powerful manner.

15 points


in clearly planning and executing the presentation in a timely, organized, and powerful manner.

150 points

(Total Possible)

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