San Diego Jewish Academy
High School Humanities
Portfolio Presentation Outline Tips

Outline a 7-minute presentation. The following format may be helpful to you. However you choose to organize your presentation, please be sure to reflect the traits listed on the portfolio grading rubric.

1. Introduction: _________ minutes

  • self (name, grade)
  • theme/title of your portfolio

2. Explanation of Tool or Learning Strategy: ______ minutes

  • define tool
  • describe how the tool has empowered you as a student, and/or lifelong learner
  • show and/or read example(s) of your work that demonstrate tool in action

3. Explanation of Tool or Learning Strategy: ______ minutes

  • repeat steps above

4. Conclusion: _______ minutes

  • read reflection or excerpt
  • ask for questions
  • thank your tablemates

Finally, to ensure your presentation is as polished as possible...
Rehearse, time, practice on a live audience, make note cards, place post-it notes on appropriate pages.
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