San Diego Jewish Academy
High School Humanities
Portfolio Reflection Feedback



1. As a reader, identify the tools, techniques, skills, strategies, or types of learning that the portfolio creator has identified as the most powerful for her/him. Write them on the chart below.

2. As a reader, identify the evidence that the writer presents in order to SHOW how he/she has used the tools, techiniques, skills, or strategies to grow and progress.

Tools, Techniques,
Evidence (Pieces, Projects)

3. Which tools, etc. are completely described and which need more description?

completely described:

need more description:

4. As a reader, circle any of the following that you see the portfolio creator doing:

  • explaining what he/she has learned this semester/year by describing pieces from the portfolio that show these things
  • choosing a couple of key areas to focus on and discussing her/his efforts and achievements in these areas
  • talking about her/his progress - where he/she was in the beginning of the semester as reader, writer, listener, speaker, and where he/she is now--and showing pieces of work that demonstrate growth

5. In what ways does the writer relate her/his learning to progress?

6. As a reader, what would you suggest to this writer to make the reflective piece more powerful?

7. As a reader, what do you think this writer has done particularly well?

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