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Crimson waves wash away the memories,
as a dying hawk screams in the distance,
somewhere a lonesome baby cries,
craving her mother's affection
yet knowing it's not possible,
because she left,
left to wander the world
and to experience childhood,
left because it was wise,
and she wasn't strong,
she wasn't able to love.
Was she too young to know?
No she was afraid
of what life would deal her
afraid to live,
so she hid her personality,
in bottles
and in needles
her mind spun into nothingness,
chasing rainbows
and smiles.
Her world seemed like a fairytale
that she didn't have to face,
her problems seemed to disappear...
now she's asleep,
and she never heard
I Love you....
never knew anyone cared
she was just misunderstood
misjuged, misdealt,
she lost her balance and fell,
she wasn't able to love.

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