ode to coffee shops

coffee shop!
sacred shrine
of my liveliness
drummer boy
of my soul
perfect date
at the time
of my choice

with wild passion
at night
with life
in the morning

with aroma
like a flower shop
at dawn
or fresh cut grass
in spring

You are the point
of no return
for the talker
the corkscrew
for the bottled up

here’s to you
you goddess
of style
like an old pal
you never turned
your back on me

your family tames
the hectic
like zoo keepers
tame lions
they comfort
the troubled
like a mother
comforts her child

your low key orchestra
hums quiet prayers
fisss shhh
now hush
as you give people
the gift of life

the prayers stop
angels sing
and a jazzy tune
begins to play
creeping in to my head

the fix is great
through my veins
in to my brain
filling my body
with satisfaction

I am ready
to face life
see ya tomorrow
6:30 sharp

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