San Diego Jewish Academy
10th Grade Humanities
Elizabeth Questions

We know you've heard and read this before, but just to make sure you understand, show evidence that support your statements.


What were Elizabeth's beliefs on religion?

What was the Pope's position on England?

What was parliament's and Elizabeth's main advisors' position on religion?

What was Sir Francis Walsingham's "agenda" and what deeds showed his conviction?

How did Elizabeth deal with parliament?

What is the significance of Elizabeth's quote, "I have no desire to make windows into any man's soul"?

Political/military situation

Describe the main points of political unrest when Queen Elizabeth took the throne.

What interest did France and Spain have in England?

How did Elizabeth deal with the French and Spanish?

What were Elizabeth's views on war?

What were contributing factors in the Duke of Norfolk's downfall?

Gender identity

How did Elizabeth's identity change from before she was crowned to the end of the movie?

Why did Elizabeth not marry?

What is the significance of Elizabeth's quote, "I will have one mistress here and not master"?

How would you rule if you were in Elizabeth's place?

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