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resource 1. a source of supply, support, or aid, esp. one that can be readily drawn upon when needed. 2. resources. the collective wealth of a country or its means of producing wealth. 3. Usually, resources, money, or any property that can be converted into money; assets. 4. Often, resources. an available means afforded by the mind or one's personal capabilities: to have resource against loneliness. 5. an action or measure to which one may have recourse in an emergency; expedient. 6. capability in dealing with a situation or in meeting difficulties: a women of resource (Webster's, p 1640).

source of supply, source, staple, resource; well, fountain, fount, font [archaic], spring, wellspring; mine, gold mine, bonanza; quarry, lode, vein; cornucopia (Chapman, p 506).

This site is intended to provide access to relevant and stimulating writing resources that are available on the web. We shall update this site as new credible resources become available. We request that you e-mail us with any sites that you feel are worthy additions. Your feedback is critical to the success of this site.

Forums - Contains an on-line topic center where students enter their literature responses to assigned readings, generate dialog among others on topics of interest, and have a reference list to other related forums throughout the world.

Writing - Contains links to writing resources on the web including on-line reference materials such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, and style guides. There are other links to both educational and commercial sites focusing on numerous forms of writing.

Design - Contains links to design resources on the web including on-line reference materials pertaining to audience, layout, typography, image, and color. There are other links to both educational and commercial sites focusing on design.

Web&Tech - Provides "html" codes, style sheets, and information to develop an effective Web presence as well as links to numerous hardware and software resources.

Contests - Provides a current list of both writing and design contests with submission information and direct links to contest sites where possible.

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