Graphic Organizers

1. to recall or form mental images or pictures. 2. to make visual or visible. 3. to form a mental image of. 4. to make perceptible to the mind or imagination (Webster's. p 2127).

vision, envision, envisage, picture, image, objectify; picture in one's mind, picture to oneself, view with the mind's eye, contemplate in the imagination, form a mental picture of, represent, see, just see, have a picture of; call up, summon up, conjure up, call to mind, realize (Chapman, p 406).


Sketches can be fun and or loose indicators that don't require great artistic ability to:

describe a physical phenomenon;

show how money is made; or to

capture ideas from other people's work.
In this case a sketch of a photograph by Debbie Fleming Caffery,
"Smoke Walking", 1989, Patoutville, Louisiana
seen in the Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego.

show the revision and editing process by making changes to your ideas while still in the concept development stage rather than in the implementation/execution stage.
Detailed diagrams provide more formal options of visualization.

Visualizing Use to see the description of physical structures, places, spatial relationships, concrete objects, abstract concepts, or visual images.

Creating thumbnails

Thumbnails represent scaled down versions of a final composition. For a project where the final size is 9" x 12", thumbnails might be approximately 2" x 2-2/3", large enough to show some detail, but small enough to work quickly.

Thumbnails enable you to make decisions about how you wish to present your content without investing a lot of time.

Make sure your thumbnails have the same proportions as the final composition.

Include all of the elements - images, text, and other graphic devices that will make up the final composition.

Keep in mind that even though thumbnails help you make decisions, changing scale to full size often changes the final layout.

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