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A Brief History of the Internet

network, webwork, weaving, meshwork, tissue, crossing over and under, interlacement, intertwinement, intertexture, texture, reticulum, reticulaiton; crossing-out, cancellation; net, netting; mesh, meshes; web, webbing; weave, weft; lace, lacery, lacing, lacework; screen, screening; sieve, riddle, raddle; wicker, wickerwork; basketwork, basketry; lattice, latticework; hachure, hatching, cross-hating; trellis, trelliswork; grate, grating; grille, grillwork; grid, gridiron; tracery, fretwork, fret, arabesque, filigree; plexus, plexure; reticle, reticle; wattle (Chapman, p. 137).

Writing on the Web
A research project about how users read on the Web and how authors should write their Web pages. The studies were done in the SunSoft Science Office by John Morkes and Jakob Nielsen.

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