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Typography is more than just letters placed together to spell words. Typography has the ability to evoke emotions and visually support content. The following links provide specific information about typography, from terminology to downloading typefaces.

typography 1. the art or process of printing with type. 2. the work of setting and arranging types and of printing from them. 3. the general character or appearance of printed matter. type Print. a. a rectangular piece or block, now usually of metal, having on its upper surface a letter or character in relief. b. such pieces or blocks collectively, c. a similar piece in a typewriter or the like. d. such pieces collectively. e. a printer character or printed characters: a headline in large type. f. face (Webster's, pp. 2046, 2044)

type, print, stamp, letter; type body or shank or stem, body, shank, stem, shoulder, belly, back, bevel, beard, feet, goove, nick, face, counter; ascender, descender, serif; lower case, minuscule; upper case, majuscule; capital, cap [informal]; ligature, logotype; bastard type, bottle-assed type, fat-faced type; pi; type lice; font; face, typeface; type class, roman, sans serif, script, italic, black letter; case, typecase; point, pica; en, em; typefounders, typefoundry (Chapman, p. 460)

AGFA Monotype
Agfa Monotype is the largest supplier of Fonts and font technologies in the world. This site offers in addition to fonts a great selection of royalty-free images, educational publications and software for graphic designers.

Emigre, Inc.
Electronic version of the Emigre product catalog includes full color images of all Emigre Magazine back issues and posters, as well as specimens of all Emigre Fonts.

Font Fairy
Home of guilt-free typographic treasures! These are not just any fonts, mind you, but high quality commercial ones. In the real world they would set you back over a thousand dollars if you were to buy them all, but here in Font Fairyland they are free and legal.

Glossary of Typographic Terms
Glossary of terms with examples.

Graphion's Online Type Museum
Here you will find information about the history and practice of typesetting.

Graphion's Links
Links to other resources on the Net.

Primarily a commercial site to help people buy fonts. It does have some information on type designers, foundries, fonts.

an interactive experience informed by type and typography. It aims to illustrate the depth and import of type, and to raise relevant questions about how typography is treated in the digital media, specifically online.

Web Page Design for Designers - Typography
WPDFD is a site about designing for the World Wide Web, with a particular emphasis on graphic design and content rather than on technology. This site contains a ton of information and tips with examples. Well worth the visit.

Will-Harris House
Rules for choosing and using type. In addition to choosing and using type, you'll find information about design, typography, fiction, computers, rodents, food, shopping, and of course, much more...

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