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Even though designing for the Web has different requirements from designing in print, good visual layout and good communication is present in both mediums. The following links address basic design considerations.
layout 1. an arrangement or plan: We objected to the layout of the house. 2. the act of laying or spreading out. 3. a plan or sketch, as of an advertisement or a page of a newspaper or magazine, indicating the arrangment and relationship of the parts, as of type and artwork. 4. (in advertising, publishing, etc.) the technique, process, or occupation of making layouts. 5. Journalism. spread (Webster's, p. 1092)

form, shape, figure; figuration, configuration; formation, conformation; structure; build, make, frame; makeup, format, layout; cut, set, stamp, type, turn, cast, mold, impression, pattern, matrix, model, mode, modality; archetype, prototype, Platonic form or idea; style, fashion; aesthetic form, inner form, significant form; art form, genre; morph(o) -, -morph, - morphism or -morphy; plan, scheme, design, method, program, device, contrivance, game, envisagement, conception, enterprise, idea; organization, rationalizaiton, systematization, schematization; charting, mapping, graphing, blueprinting; planning, calculation, figuring; planning function; long-range planning, long-range plan; master plan, the picture or the big picture; approach, attack; way, precedure; arrangement, prearrangement, system, disposition, setup, lineup; schedule; schema, schematism, scheme of arrangement; blueprint, guidelines, program of action; methodolgy; working plan, ground plan, tactical plan, strategic plan; tactics, strategy; operations research; intention; forethought, foresight (Chapman, pp. 157, 501)

Desktop Publishing Bookmarks
A rather large list of desktop publishing resources. Be warned that there are no descriptors to any of the urls...I've been to some, but you are on you own. Perhaps a little exploration could be good?

Desktop Publishing Internet Jumplist
The Internet is exploding and information abounds. For the modern Desktop Publisher, there are a large collection of resources available on the Internet. This page is designed to help point out where these files can be found.

Design Resources
Graphics are our life, we breathe, eat, sleep and dream graphics. Makes sense when you are a design firm. We have searched near and far in our never ending quest for graphic excellence. Now the fruits ofour labor are yours for the taking. Interlace those images. Find out about design schools. Visit your favorite software manufactures web sites. Onward and upward!

Global Prepress Center
This jump list is designed to hold links to businesses, information, and resources for those involved in professional desktop publishing, graphic arts, prepress, and printing.

LEMMA Aesthetics Resources
The following is a list of links to Web sites that contain information on, design, criticism, web design, interactivity, philosophy, culture, Marxist theory, postmodernism, education and hypermedia

Otis Art Links
Collection of art links that include forums, news, oddities, colaborative art projects, massive art collection, and specially crafted webshows.

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