San Diego Jewish Academy
Rules of conduct

What we expect from you and
what you can expect from us

We will use
respect, integrity, and
personal responsibility
to promote
safety, cooperation, and a
true love of learning.

We will show acceptance, courtesy, and acknowledgment to each other and our school.

We will stay out of someone else's personal business unless asked
(Webster's Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language, p 1640).

We will use good moral (knowing the difference between right and wrong) and ethical (honest) principles
(Webster's, p 990).

Personal Responsibility
We will be answerable or accountable for all that is within our power, control, or management. We will be reliable and dependable

(Webster's, p 1641).


We will be free from hurt, injury,
danger, or risk

(Webster's, p 1690).

We will work together willingly for a common purpose
(Webster's, p 446).

We will acquire knowledge and skill through study, instruction, or experience
(Webster's, p 1095).

We will do something wonderful,
so people may imitate it.

- Albert Schweitzer

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