Saul Moch

San Diego Jewish Academy
6th Grade Yosemite Trip
October, 2000

My heart pounded with fear as we climbed the steps.
My legs were cold, my arms were stiff, and my back ached.
I was astounded as we saw the waterfall. I wish I had a camera, but I'm glad that I can look back and see the top of the waterfall.
Edward Caplan


sixth graders

spoiled with love
cute and adorable

out in nature
the first time for many

some scared
some challenged
all excited

overwhelmed yet oblivious to their surroundings

love to run, love to play
play with reckless abandon

giggling, crying, giggling again
can't really stay focused for more than a minute

they are young

on to this, on to that
nothing sticks

yes it does


memories for a lifetime

Gabriella Scher

Today I went to Vernal Falls. It's really pretty.
It was really hard to climb, because it was a big hill,
there were a lot of steps, and it really hurt my legs.

Tamara Levy

Making it up to the top of Vernal Falls wasn't very easy.
The rocks were tough to climb, but when we reached the top, I was relieved. I looked out. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I could look at the view forever. I'm glad I reached the top because I did something I thought was impossible. Yosemite is something I will remember for the rest of my life.

Jessica Wertheim

Today we are going to climb a mountain.
In the morning it was freezing. When we started going up the mountain we were getting very tired. After a long time we got to these rock stairs. We were very tired, but we saw this beautiful waterfall that we were trying to climb up to. After a long time we got up there and forgot all about being tired. It was very beautiful.
Erik Kleinman

Today was my first time on top of a waterfall.
It was also the longest hike I've ever hiked.
I don't exactly know how many miles it was,
but that I know it was 300 feet up in the air.
I climbed about 300-350 stairs until I got to the top of the waterfall. When I got to the top, it was so scary.

Ariel Okonsky

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