Yosemite (part 1 of 3)

A week with sixth graders from the San Diego Jewish Academy at the
Yosemite Institute, in Yosemite National Park, Yosemite, California.

Copyright 99 Doug

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"It is not a race to explore a new place." - Mike Shain

Copyright 99 Doug

Vernal Falls - Jarrod Goldberg

There it was, so soft and sweet
The waterfall, so not adrift.
Then I notice how vast its waters.
And it had not any daughters.

I was amazed at its beauty,
Its loveliness at its best.
The liveliness of its water
So clear and freezing cold.

Its drop, so quick and hard,
Like a ship's royal yard.
High up, so nice and peaceful
The rocks so sheer and smooth.

You may just see... - Matthew Feldman

Yosemite is a place
Where people come to rest
The natural beauty
Helps get things off your chest

You're looking up
At the darkened moon
And from the corner of your eye
You spot a baby raccoon

The sheer mammoth
Granite walls
Sometimes come down in
Giant rock falls
And on occasions that are rare
You may just see a wandering bear

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