staring, balled up in the corner
searching for substantial evidence that
confirms allegations
made by those who call me "sunshine"
being on trial-asked to explain myself
my cheeks drip dry as a result of being lost
and finding myself again
being lost
and finding myself again
finding myself in situations
all too dramatic but all too real
adolescence makes love a reality
reality makes love adolescent

I've been given a gift and like
a spoiled brat at the return counter...
"I'd like to exchange this please"

enclosed instructions
always in a foreign language
too complicated to figure out
mistaking blessings for punishment
always up on stage
where else have I been placed?
emotional grenades thrown into the laps of young minds saying..."here,
you handle this.."
but see, I got my own baggage
is it really baggage though?
feels pretty damn heavy to me
caught in a relationship-one party with a
Babylonian mindset
crimes of who's heart?
screaming in a journal of lined pages
asking why when it has already been answered
bruises signed in blue and black on her self-esteem
collapsing to the ground, holding head in hands
cradled in the arms of the Concourse
blissful screams of laughter-hiding the pain
I used to understand the girl who claimed to
be in love with the boy who stole her heart
claiming, he loves me"
but more importantly, I now understand the woman who has
reclaimed her heart...

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