atumnal equinox creeps through our bare trees and rains on our sunshine. taps on our pavement and emits a squash smell that makes children nestle between their cozy sheets. strangers rome in the halloween mist and cats dance in the spiced twilight, leaves grab at your feet with little hope of rescue from days cut short, and i sit cozy upon julian cider.


acidic tylenol foams on my tongue and hits my taste-buds like a ton of cat litter. the foam drips deep into my throat an irretreavable flavor. a distant look glazes my eyes and i protrude my tongue exploiting my ill disposition.


your mom leaves my house at 10:05 AM and it takes her 37 minutes to get to work. she stops by the liquor store and the dy cleaners on the way which adds 13 minutes to her journey. if she continues down fell street what is the probabilty that she will trip over a bum?

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