San Diego Jewish Academy
9th Grade
Cross-Curricular Project

"For each home ground we need new maps,
living maps, stories and poems,
photographs and paintings, essays and songs.
We need to know where we are,
so that we may dwell in our place with a full heart."
- Scott Russell Sanders

Siddhartha - Sara Atri and Eddy Bialostotsky

"I can think, I can wait, I can fast."
Do I go, do I stay?
(with - my father, Govinda, Kamala, my son)
Do I love, do I hate?
(money, Buddha, my son)
How can I not cry
After everyone I've ever loved went their way?
Risks lie ahead
To find my way.
Hope you find your way
And that nirvana will come to you someday.

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River of Words Environmental Poetry and Art Contest - - An international contest designed to nurture respect and understanding of the natural world by encouraging children to learn their "ecological address" and to describe through poetry and art their own "place in space."

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