Ms. Malka's 6th grade -
San Diego Jewish Academy

Artistic interpretation of the first two chapters of the Book of Numbers

The panels below are a result of integrating the arts with Judaica studies. The students read the first two chapters of the Book of Numbers and were then coached on the creative process and ultimately how to create art that represented their interpretation of the readings. The students then recreated their work on canvas which was then made into a quilt.

Book of Numbers - - Part of the Tanach Translation Project. Provides a directory listing each chapter with an English translation.

Daf Parashat Hashavaua (Study Sheet on the Weekly Torah Portion) Basic Jewish Studies Unit - - Provides an introduction to the Book of Numbers including the structure, contents and characteristics, timetable, and a weekly reading: The Structure of the Israelite Camp.

Parashat Bemidbar - - A mathematicians view of the census.

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