The world had been sad since Tuesday.

She realized that
the hollow sensation
was not hunger,
but an icy feeling of grief.

Words and image were inspired by Isabel Allende's
"Two words"

Today, Tuesday, has declared to me, if I was true-ly poor I would have no name. Hollow? That's the space where my girlfriend was. Now she's gone - for the best. Uprooted on trying to deny myself what I know so well. From me to her to the dog to the crap on the newspaper. Through all this a strange sensation is derived. Nothing great. I still have my name, there's still hope for nothing to continue happening as it always has, as it always will. It's good to know I'll never leave my name.

In her tooth it stood:

A little black dot.

Right near the gum line.

It was very obvious,

from about 3 and 1/2 feet away.



To tell her in front of all these people without completely humiliating her.

So's I looks at her and I sez:

"Hey lookie here."

She sez, "Where?"

I sez, "In ya pocket right around the gum."

While this happened I pointed to my left front tooth.

Chris Prieto

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