Gareth Lloyd - '00 - drawings and art with a view of other places

Gareth Lloyd © 1999

Gareth Lloyd © 1999

I included this drawing because I really think that it shows Gareth's talent, but I feel obligated to make a comment on the subject of smoking - it is unhealthy and it makes no sense to me. I also realize we must make our own decisions and that we can't be told what to do. Nancy Reagan's, "Just Say No" campaign was ineffective and insulting. So, I am listing some sites that will, hopefully, provide information and resources for people who smoke to make a decision that works for them and others. - Doug

Quit Smoking Cigarettes...Information about Tobacco - - Includes links to information about smoking, reasons smokers smoke and why to quit, a guide to quit smoking, and additional resources.

Smoking From All Sides - - Includes links about all perspectives of smoking: Health Aspects, statistics, tobacco news, anti-smoking groups, smoking cessation, tobacco history, commentary, pro-smoking documents, and smoking glamour.

American Cancer Society - - Use the search function for numerous documents regarding smoking.

Gareth Lloyd © 1999

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Words and image were inspired by Gabriel Garcia Marquez'
"The very old man with enormous wings"

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