Stuff You Should Know


 For those who haven't been here before, this page is meant to answer basic questions.

Why're there all those little pictures in the text?

I prefer to call them "Icons" actually. They are usually signals that there is more information available in whaterver the story is talking about just then. Just click on the picture and it'll take you to wherever the info is. Most other pictures on the page that aren't stuck in the text don't link to anything.(yet)  Here's a handy list of all the things I throw into the text.

Tech Notes = Tech info: Supplemental information on all the fancy gadgets presented in the story.

Crew list = Personel info: Info on one of the characters in the story.

= takes you back to the main page automatically. If you're bored with this already, try it right now...
Hey, what's up with this multiple perspectives thing that you keep blabbing about? Is this like one of those Chose-Your-Own-Adventure books, with a bunch of different endings?

Well, Kinda. By choosing different links you can view parts of the story from the perspectives of different people. It's not exactly like those books, though, because the choices you make have no real impact on the story's plotline. (Though choosing wisely might help things make more sense in the end.) In addition to choosing different perspectives, you can also look at all sorts of cool lists and things.
 Umm, your page looks like S*** in my browser.. What should I do about it?

I designed the pages for Gravlaw in Netsacpe Composer (free plug) and only checked  it in Netscape 4.0. So it's entirely possible that I've completely annihilated the layout  for one system or the other.  Other than that,  Try running the page with your Browser maximized. I also designed the pictures in the page to be viewed in the Millions of colors range. If the pictures look really bad and spotty, see how high you can set your monitor rating. The monitor that I use is very bright, so if the pictures look too darked-out, try upping the brightness. (I think I fixed that, though.) Also, if you're using nestcape Navigator 3.0 or other browsers, certain background effects may not come in properly. Nothing important though.

When I run your page, some wierd stuff happens... Explanation Please?!?

Sorry about that. Since I basically taught myself HTML, there's probably a few problems that I havn't heard of. (For instance, there may be a certain page that when opened may play the sound of the plasma gun from DooM firing over and over and over and over and over and over and..Well, you get the idea.) If you do run across something like that Email me at:   And  let me know what the problem is.. I'll do everything I can (within reason) to fix it.

Where the hell's the rest of the story??!?!?!

Oh yeah....Well, haven't actually finished writing it yet. I was planning to write it in installments, so that I wouldn't have to wait unitll I was finished (read: forever) before I could put it on the net. Also, I wanted to give it a trial run in order to see where I could improve it in it's later incarnations...

Okay, how often will the story be updated? 

    Well, that depends on a number of things, actually. One of the major factors is how well, (or poorly) people respond to it. If you like the story and want me to keep working on it, send me an email saying so. Chances are, I'll spend more time on it.