Gravlaw powers through space, 1505 feet of ceramic and steel pushed through the airless, soundless envelope of space by the jetting fire of a Waltium reaction engineTech Notes.
    Light from a distant boiling sun glints off of the dull gray surface of the cylindrical ship as it falls headlong through the vacuum.
    The brilliant scarlet of the Royal Space Force insignia stands against the hull like a livid birthmark.  Moments later it slips away through space into the dark distance.

*    *   *  * * *  *   *    *


    Elle PetersonCrew list rose stiffly from the navigator's chair, standing back and stretching. She nodded at Gregory KarwickCrew list as he took her place in the chair.

    "Maintain heading of 270.82 degrees by 14.23 degrees.  Don't forget that Midpoint is coming up soon."
    She tapped a red digital display on the console. It read;

ETA- Midpoint Reversal: 4:25

The numbers ticked off with the passing seconds.
    "Yeah, yeah, I know.  Elle, how come you always gotta treat me like a  kid?" He scowled as he slid his hands through the control grips.

    "Only because you always act like one."
    She headed for the door.
    "Oh, we've been pulling a bit to the positive Z axis. You'll have to correct for that."

    The door closed with a pneumatic hiss and Gregory was alone on the Nav bridge.

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