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Gravlaw Writing Notes

    Gravlaw is my take on a sci-fi mystery set out in deep space.  The whole project was proposed to me by Doug, during a rare uneventful day in Write Design. In his usual charismatic manner, he explained to me his idea of taking storytelling to the edge by  using  internet browsers as medium. Well, needless to say, I was immediately taken by the whole thing, and promised to have the whole thing done by the end of three weeks.
    Almost half a year later, the damn thing's still under construction.
    The most unique (and time consuming) aspect of Gravlaw is the many different perspectives that go into each segment of the story. I feel they add a lot to the story, especially helping to make its "whodunit" plot more compelling. Also, it provides the reader an opportunity to directly choose the course that is most interesting to him or her. While the multiple viewpoints are the concept around which the story is built, they also slow down the writing process as a whole. In essence, once all the different characters viewpoints are taken care of, it's as if  I'd written this story not once but two or three times. It's the sheer volume of the writing that tends to get the process tied up.

    Another aspect of  the story that I like is the opportunity to add little add-ons which provide background information that, while not crucial to the story line, add realism to the piece. The crew listing is a good example of the kind of  "Atmosphericals" that I like to use.  

    One of the biggest challenges I'm faced with in the story, is holding reader interest. As it turns out the Internet is about the worst medium for storytelling. By it's very nature, the Internet is a Go-go-go environment based on speed and accessibility. Nobody wants to sit still long enough to read eight or ten screens worth of text. (Especially those who have fixed amounts of time per month)  So in order to help keep the readers attention, I've had to make a few radical changes from my normal writing style. I trimmed a lot of the unnecessary information off of the Body text, including the most important in it's own separate area.  

    Despite the amount of work I've put into it, the story remains only about 1/3 finished.  I have planned to make updates every few months until it is finally completed in it's entirety.
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  All the pictures in this story and the story itself are (C) Andrew Koorey. If you'd like to use any of 'em, E-Mail me at Kooreya@flash.net and ask about it. I'm a nice guy, I'll probably say yes. Of course, if you don't-- Well, I can't be held responsible for what may happen.
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