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Special Note: The font you see in most of the pictures on this page is Bastard, an excellent freeware/shareware font that I downloaded from the Chankstore. I forgot who designed it, but whoever you are, Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Thanks to:
    WriteDesign, in general, for being such a great program to begin with. Micropage, for providing me with "The Monster". The Kobey's swap meet $5 (stolen) CD store, for providing me w/ working music. Byte 'n Floppy, for actually HAVING print toner.

Super special majik happy thankus to:
    Doug, 'cause he's the one who got the whole thing rolling. (He's also providing the webspace) Seriously, he's such a great guy that I really can't describe it in anything less than another web page. I suggest you immediatly get to know him. (No stalking, please.)

    Mama, for being such a great teacher, for humoring me when I needed it and smacking me around when I needed that. May she continue to inspire students long into the future.

    Wow,  they're such great people. I....I...*Choke*...ahhh......Excuse me, there's something in my eye.........*sniff*...

Thanx to:
    Bubble Yum, (my only addiction) Epson printers, the Far Side, the San Diego ComiCon, Jonston College, Orange Soda, Little Plastic Army Men, (Hours of fun for $3.95) Flashnet, Ramen, (little acknowledged 5th food group of college students) Nelson Brownies, $10 discount software, Cheapass Japanese computer games, Micron pens, my Super Voodoo Evilmask, the "Vortex" room,  Those people who may have unknowingly "Donated" their names to my story. The Legion of Floof, My cat Noche, (the lord of the night) Opaque cups, and Pez.

No Thanx to:
    Microspank Internut Exploder,  Whatever it is that's living in the drain of my sink, Demon Squirrels, spontaneous nose hemorrhages, Scratched CD's, Bleeder Pens, and the great demon Program Error.

Tha' big middlefingered salute:
    Still noone yet.....