+++++Telecom interplanetary FTL messaging systems+++++

Access #: ********
Sender: Evhrsn, E  <_RSF GRAVLAW (7805-83-GVL)>
Recipient: RSF Comm. center <#46>
Subj: Accident report

++Transmission record++
Time sent: 17:08:24_3/15/57 (Gst)
Recieved at: Tc-FTL relay # 239476
Relayed to: RSF Communications relay center 46
Arrived at: 04:56:08_3/16/57 (Gst)
Transmission cost: Uc$12.14
+==+==begin text ==+==+==+==+==+

    From: Captain Evharsen
    To: RSF investigations department.
    It had been approximatly 2 weeks since RSF Gravlaw experienced a minor emergency situation. After a full investigation, the official reason for the accident was a failed sensor (catalog no. En-464l577h3484) which had not detected the slow corrosion of the power infeed to Magnetic Generator number four. The subsequent failure of the generator after a  restart of the engine had caused a fault in the magnetic thrust funnel, shunting thrust off to one side instead of straight back as it should have. The resulting thrust aberration forced the ship into a rotation which lasted around two minutes during which the stress upon the hull reached a level of 128% of maximum recommended hull stess. The ship proved unresponsive to bridge control during the incident, the cause of which is still under investigation. Minor stress damage to the hull was done, as well as the formation of a crack in the Reaction mass containment tube, which has been sealed. Minor crew injuries have all been treated. Due to this incident, our arrival to our destination will be delayed by approximatly 2 weeks.
+==+==end text+==+==+==+==+==+==+

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