Kumquat Calypso

Cuban crazy naked jive

kumquat calypso

Opaque bottles whisper moloko

a clear glass melody swimming in oceanic jugs

Blue moon revolves, evolves

Touch the vibrant skin

taste the absent smile

Sparks and ash flash with my soul

stars shiver

lips quiver

In a purple night in Cuba

Amy Hansen

Roasting chestnuts
filled the air,
ice cream cones and gofres
filled our bellies,
and friendship
filled our hearts.

Alex y Veronica
Navidad '96

Ode to my "Tazon Ceramica"

When I cup
it with my hands
...I remember.

with a hint of cream.
Coffee remains
its closest companion,
though others have
in its deep curves.
Everyone has one
and I have many
but only one
is special
only one
I cherish.
Though not one of a kind,
if broken
I would be shattered.
Unable to leave it behind,
I kept it
to continue the journey
with me.
To hold me by the hand...
Selfish really,
I know I need it
more than it needs me.
"Tazon Ceramica."
When I look into its smooth silence
the memories come
reflecting back.

Amy Hansen

Do we put our faith in destiny as an escape from reality?

Does fate exist?

Do the stars wink at us?

Do lovers dissolve into the twilight?

Does the moon live within the lining of our skin?

Amy Hansen

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