This one was inspired by my weekend trip to Baja. I went to Bahia de Los Angeles (11hr drive) with 3 other anthropology students to work in a museum. Driving for hours on end with out seeing a single sign of civilization can really change your perspectives. As of yet, I don't have a title. I have a feeling it will be continued or added to.

You, and me,
And the spirit are three
Spinning around
The ancient tree

Sun sets slowly
Earth black as tar
Melt your vision
With heat from the stars

Harvest the cactus
Boil it down
Drink it with honey
Drink it down with your crown

The snake is sleeping
The coyote sings
Mother Earth is sighing
Breathe the dreams of kings

Come walk with me
Down through the ground
Come see my soul
Raw truths I've found

Unleash your mind
Other worlds to behold
We won't come back
As our illusions unfold

May 2, 1999

This one woke me up in the middle of the night.


Can I control the spirit inside me?
Do I want to?
Should I suppress the roar that is building,
Like an earthquake rumbling in my throat,
Or a caged lion ready to maul its trainer?

With the passage of time my roar grows
Like a cancer,
Choking my heart and my senses.
Should I will it into submission,
Or am I strong enough to let it go?

Cara Grote
February 24, 1999
1:24 am

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