The Day Starts Without Me

The day starts without me. I still watch the effervescent moon, almost full, arched high overhead. It looks like I could leave my hand print on its face if I reach up as high as I can. I might have to stand on my tip-toes, but I think I can get there. The sky is almost black, but not quite. When I look closely, it is really the deepest blue I have ever seen. The light of the sky comes from the moon as it spills over and pools between the stars. I sit watching this living photograph in the heavens with awe and appreciation. It appeals to the part of me that stays hidden under my bed, day after day, sheltered and quiet. Every so often, it escapes to waltz with the stars and bathe in the moonlight. I think it's probably better that way. It feels like putting on old, comfy shoes after skating for hours. It somehow satisfies a deeper side. I sometimes stay here indefinitely, drawn to the beauty and unwilling to let it go. The day always seems to come and try to interrupt, but it's no use. I just let it start without me.

The bright
periodic clang
of the high E string
through me like
a welcome chill
The walkin' base
deep into my chest
until I will it
with my heart
The work
of two guitars
is produced
by his thumb's
I savor
the sound
of the sly notes
soaked in a flammable
chemical solution
His coarse harsh voice
the stories
of things turned
as the slow
rocking pace
eases my mind

Ode to


holiday memory

I chased the wave of satisfaction
through the core of the earth and back
And ended up at a Qwiki-Mart.
Some might take this as a sign, but not I.
My cup runith over no less.
I carelessly toss the needle aside,
for the haystack seems much more inviting.
I prefer to walk outside, barefoot and see
the cold gray cement shimmer in the light
and shiver in the shadows of time.
Why miss out on the chance of a lifetime?
After all, it's not everyday that one-size fits all.
And who's to say you won't like it.
Mikey tried it and says it's fine.
Besides, I heard it's OK to stare at
the sun as long as it's only for a little while.

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