"So here I am.

In the same place

at a different time,

with new knowledge

and a better view

of a crazy situation."

Singing Is

Singing is
A mother's loving embrace
Smiles from the morning sun
Kisses that burn the lips
A breeze that cools the heated skin
Kind words to cool the savaged soul
Melodies to make the heart rejoice
Tears that heal a wonderful life
Hot cocoa to warm the insides
Ice tea to replenish and cool them
I sing for all these reasons
I sing because I must

Grape Nights

Squeeze the purple bruise grape,

Pierce the belly button tip,

Watch the thick mucus spreckle sweet tasting stars,

Mocha-almond bodies wait underneath the grape sky,

Covered with the sweet liquid dew,

As it slides down the eggplant purple night,

And meets the horizon,

To darken the evergreen grass,

And surround the lapis colored lake,

Creating broccoli colored moss.

And oh those grape nights.

- Jia

Nice to meet you too.
Yes, I'm of mixed descent.
No I don't identify better with my "black side".
No I don't classify myself as black, I'm mixed.
What's that?
Your grandparents have black friends,
that's great.
Really, you have a cousin that's black,
how nice for you.
Yes, I have a boyfriend.
No. Why do you automatically think he's black?
No reason! I know there was a reason.
Yes, I believe in mixed relationships or I wouldn't be here.
You had a black boyfriend,
thanks for sharing.
Well just because your's was a no good drug dealer,
doesn't mean they all are.
Yes, my hair's naturally curly.
No, it doesn't have a perm in it.
Of course it's my real hair,
Why do you ask?
No, most black women don't wear weaves.
None of
my relatives were slaves,
so please don't apologize for the way they were treated.
No, I never wanted to be a different color for a day.
I never cared to go to a "richer" school.
I've never been ashamed.
I know you didn't mean it like that.
What do I call myself?
I call myself, by my name.

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