daisy williams


This is my work you are about to dive into, if you have the breath. I ask little of you except an open mind.

My Purpose

I began this work with the intention, nine months ago, of passing on a finished copy to the person who knows me best. To the person that cannot understand why I react the way I react, feel the way I feel, hurt when I hurt, yell when I yell, believe what I believe, and keep quiet when it is obvious I want to talk. I began with the intention of furthering a relationship, a friendship, that was worth total humiliation, worth the world to me. A relationship I would give anything up for and would still give anything up for even if that included my secrecy, my true thought and feeling, all that shit hidden behind the walls I have built. A relationship that I thought would save my life. A relationship that ceased to exist shortly after I began.

This proved to be a loss that almost killed me. After my secret effort to finally explain myself, through written words, I was too late, my entire project lost all meaning, my life lost all meaning. Everything that was important to me got flushed down the toilet. Yet somehow, for some reason in one of those sleepless evenings that followed I decided to continue this work, to conclude my project. I continued with the same thought that I began with, knowing that was the only thing that would get me through, to give a hint as to why I am the way I am, to explain and simultaneously beg for forgiveness, to mourn, and accept, praying that perhaps someone, someday will tell me everything really is going to be all right.

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