felt as my clothes were being pulled off and cut off around the straps. The tube connected to the belt was then attached to a hose which began pumping a clear liquid into the belt. I felt a sharp pain as the liquid continued to ooze in. I felt the pain spread through my lower body like hell fire burning my skin. I almost went unconscious from the searing pain flowing through me. I tried to scream but an alien stuck a glob of this jelly in my mouth. My mouth froze shut and wouldnít move. I couldnít make a noise. The pain stopped and my lower body went numb. Four of the five stepped down and began taking instruments and working on my lower body. I couldnít see what they were doing and it scared me thinking of what they were doing that they needed to numb me up. Two aliens eventually held up three cups of different liquids and carried them off. Two other aliens stepped up to take their places.

I reverted my attention to the alien looming over my head. It took some cotton swab and some copper liquid and dabbed it heavily across my face and down my neck. The liquid began to crust and formed a rubberlike coating on my face, leaving holes for my nose and eyes. A black cover with a needle on either side of it began to lower as the alien worked the machine it was part of. The needles retracted to just behind the black cover and the cover began to lower until it covered my left eye. It lay there a minute. I tried to scream in anticipation of knowing what was coming. The needles dropped, plunging deep on either side of my eye. They stayed stuck in my eye for a minute or two. The needles raised and then the black cover. The alien moved the machine to my right eye took off the needles and replaced them with sterile ones then and repeated the cover over my eye and dropped the needles, however this time, a black liquid began to fill up in my right eye socket. The alien dabbed the black liquid out of my eye with a small towel, as the other four finished up. I wouldnít have been able to struggle or mover even if I had expected up. My lower body remained numb, I could hardly see and I was so weak and tired from being mortified, I just didnít care anymore.
They started to cut along a scar I had on my right forearm, I thought I received playing baseball, but the cut was exact and precisely along the scar. As they inserted the microchip into my femur I began to recall them taking a different one out in a previous visit. Thatís when it hit me that I had been visited by these things for years now, almost nightly. I now relaxed. It was going to be over soon after that, and I knew what was coming up. They took, what looked like a laser, and burned the scar closed again, making sure no blood spilled. They took the vice from my head and cleaned me off.
They all nodded to each other. They all positioned themselves at my limbs. Simultaneously, they unstrapped my straps. They managed to place clothes on me that were duplicate to those they tore off me when I entered, then flip me on my stomach and restrapped me in a matter of a few seconds. They took a large syringe and punctured my temple and dug the four inch needle about two thirds in. The alien slowly pushed the liquid into my head and as it pulled the needle out, I blacked out.
I woke the next morning, cold and tired. It was different, however, from the previous morning, which at the time I had forgotten about. I didnít remember much about anything for awhile until my sessions. From my sessions of hypnotic regression, I recalled the events that took place that night.
After injecting me, the beings unstrapped me and led me down the hall I entered in. In my tranced state, I didnít fight. The red light surrounded me at the end of the hall. I noticed four doors leading to other halls, each with more doors. Everything was so drab and unwelcoming,, but at the same time sterile looking. The light lifted me up and the wall where it shown from opened up like three plates sliding away from each other in a circular motion. I slid out the opening and down in the sky, through my window where four aliens awaited me. They grabbed my hands when I reached the floor and the red light relinquished into the night. They led me to my bed, set me down and made sure I lay there motionless. I heard rustling in my house, no doubt the clean- up crew making sure everything looked normal and untouched. Soon the walked away and the red light reappeared to lift them to their ship. I heard the loud wooing sound and a streak, then silence. My eyes fluttered and closed, exhausted in a trance, I slept.

I decided to go to the sessions due to my extreme insomnia, and fatigued. Upon finding out about my visits, Iíve moved three times. They follow me, take me up, and do things, horrible things. They keep coming, what did I do to deserve this..I...I canít get away... Damnit doctor what can I do!


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