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Why, you ask, would I even bother looking at this guy's work. I don't even know this guy. Well good question and I have an answer. Looking at student work is imperative for teachers to view. They get a good idea of what's out there, what they can expect from their students. And for students, see what others are doing, see what your age group can produce. Cheesy, probably, but hey what are you doing at this page if you didn't want some references right? Right.
Well these are some works I was willing to put on this page and type up so there's few of them. However I am one of many students showing their work in the WriteDesign Gallery. View the other student work as well. Trust me it is worth it.

Mike's Floating City of Desol

(interactive scifi)


My Work

College Essay



Deep water

Skylight pt 1

Skylight pt 2

Skylight pt 3


Check out my Script!

My thoughts

I hope you checked out my work! I worked pretty hard on my writing. I wish that in some way it has inspired you. That was the idea. I also truly hope you check out the other students' work.
Please check them out. Their work could inspire any writer. Also, and finally, check out Mama's and Doug's work. They are the teachers of all these incredible students and they could tell you a little about our Creative Writing program, the best class ever! All your creative and artistic talents are needed, used, and let loose.

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