I am not you, I am not him, I am one
you deceive us with promises of lies
how many more have to die
I trusted you with my rights
You knocked me down, turned out the lights
You crush my dreams stomp out my hopes
The economy from you is on a steady down-slope
you are not me, you are not him, you are not one

Rebel against the hypocrisy
rise to the occasion
Led by idiocracy
Leaders of this nation

We need your lies so we can sleep
I shut my eyes way to deep
I don't want to know, what you all do
I just want to know what's false what's true
What's with Roswell, or even J.F.K.?
Was it the FBI? no, the CIA
But like the other mindless drones, I don't hear
cover your mouth, cover your eyes, cover your ears

You treat us like sheep, we're herded together
You think we'll be led so easily forever
Assimilate me, assimilate him
I'll clip your wings before I hide under them

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