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First we have to be taught to see. We have to be taught to see here, because here is everywhere, related to everywhere else; and if we don't see, hear, taste, smell, and feel in this place--not only will we never know anything, but the world of sense will be by that much diminished everywhere. - William Carlos Williams, commentary at the MoPA
Art Myers

Art Myers is an established fine art photographer located in San Diego, Ca. Although largely self-taught in photography Art Myers has studied in workshops with Annie Leibovitz, Arnold Newman, Larry Fink, Sally Mann, Joyce Tenneson and other well-known artists. His work has appeared on national TV and in galleries, museums and magazines across the U.S. and Europe.

As well as being a fine art photographer, Art Myers is a physician specializing in preventive medicine and public health. He graduated from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and received his post-doctoral degree in public health from San Diego State University. Art Myers' photographs epitomize the ultimate synthesis of his work as a public health physician and his interest in photographic art.

Women First and The Children of Nyumbani

Photographer and public health physician Art Myers presents two series of moving photographs, one of women from the United States, the other of children from the Nyumbani orphanage in Kenya, all of whom are living, indeed thriving, despite being diagnosed with the HIV virus. These beautiful images are testaments to courage determination, hope and love. Women First is made possible at MoPA by Agouron Pharmaceuticals, Inc., who conducted a clinical trial of an AIDS drug in which the women in the photographs participated.

Winged Victory: Altered Images: Transcending Breast Cancer by Art Myers. Poetry by Maria Marrocchino

About the Book

"This book of photographs celebrates the strength and beauty of women who have survived beast cancer. Beautifully poignant poetry and vignettes... The powerful effect of this book is exhilarating. The book is necessary and encouraging for cancer survivors, their loved ones and others who challenge themselves in life." - Lisa Phelps, Small Press Magazine

Exercise: In the two exhibits, beyond the actual images, what do you see? Do you get a sense of place, experience, feeling, mortality? What aspects of the image(s) talk with you?

Additional questions, some of which may not apply to these exhibits, but allow you to think about the elements that give value to an image.

Time: How has the photographer expressed time in the picture?

Framing: What has the photographer placed in the photograph and what has been left out?

Vantage Point: Where was the photographer when he/she took the picture? Not just the physical placement.

Exploring the Subject: What do you think interested the photographer about the subject?

Visual Elements: Color, line, shape, pattern, size, space, texture: What visual elements do you see in the photograph?

Principles of Design: How are the visual elements (Color, line, shape, pattern, size, space, texture) arranged in the photograph? Does that affect your reaction?

Light: Are there different levels of light in the picture? What do you think is the light source and where is it coming from? What can you learn from this?

Original Purpose: How was the photograph first seen or used and where and how is it seen today?

Historical and Cultural Context: Where and when do you think the photograph was made? What can you learn about history of culture from the picture?

Photographer's Intention: What was the photographer trying to express through the image?

What do you see that makes you say that?

The above questions were taken from an exhibit at the MoPA as part of their education program.

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