River of Words/Watershed Trip

Day 1

  • leave from school after tefillah, at about 8:15; kids bring lunch, snacks, overnight bag, sleeping bag
  • drive out I-5; watch movie A River Runs Through It
  • go to the Salton Sea out through Brawley; picnic lunch; note irrigation canals, new "rivers; importance of water to agriculture; applications to situation in Middle East
  • observe wildlife in preserves at Salton Sea; note importance for animals/migratory waterfowl; have ranger talk about Salton Sea
  • drive up the Salton Sea, noting date groves and other agriculture
  • drive across desert, go up Banner Grade to Julian
  • physical activities, dinner and star walk at camp in Julian

Day 2

  • breakfast in camp
  • trace San Dieguito River (SDR) from mountain sources
  • trace SDR back to Lake Hodges; spokesman from San Diego Water Authority talks to us about county reservoirs
  • see brief glimpses of San Diego Aquaduct, bringing water in from Colorado River/State Water Project
  • end at Del Mar, where the San Dieguito River enters the ocean; lunch picnic on beach

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