San Diego Jewish Academy
9th Grade Humanities
Romeo and Juliet Act 4 Poem:
Who's Responsible for Juliet's "Death"?

We hear much weeping and wailing by the Nurse, Lady Capulet, Capulet, and Paris. If they only knew that their actions and reactions helped to push Juliet to make her drastic decision…Who's responsible for Juliet's "death"?

  1. List your suspects:
  2. Choose the character you believe is most responsible for Juliet's predicament.
  3. Search the play for words and actions of the character that might have mad Juliet feel that she had to take such a drastic course of action. List those words and actions here:
  4. Compose a poem exploring your character's relationship to Juliet. Begin by listing five or more strong verbs or verbals that you think of when you think of your character:
  1. Select one of those verbs and identify a moment in the play when the character really performs the action.
  2. Turn the event into a poem that says something powerful and/or insightful about the character from the isolated incident. The poem should be at least six lines long, and it should contain at least one quotation from the character that works well with the incident. Use the back of this sheet to begin a draft.

O'Brien, Peggy, ed. The Folger Library Shakespeare Set Free. New York: Washington Square Press, 1993

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