San Diego Jewish Academy
9th and 10th Grade Humanities
Notebook Organization - Semester Two

As part of your homework for Tuesday, go through your humanities binder and carefully organize it. Remove and file at home all of your first semester work except for the following items in your writing handbook section:

  • Writing skills list
  • Writing record
  • Writing notes on powerful lead, transitioning into quotes, essay structure, etc.

This is a 10-point assignment.

Use the following bulleted list as a check-off for yourself.

For full credit, an organized humanities notebook will demonstrate the following:

  • All papers 3-hole-punched
  • All sections labeled correctly by divider tabs:
    • Calendar/Agenda/Planner
    • Business
    • Notes
    • Writing Handbook
    • Vocabulary
  • Sturdy, good condition of binder
  • Clear, legible divider tabs
  • Scholarship record

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