San Diego Jewish Academy
10th Grade Humanities
"The Age of Imperialism" Questions

As you read chapter 25, take notes on the following three concepts. Be prepared to discuss these in class by Wednesday and to formulate a thoughtful, written response.

Describe the rise of industrial economies and their link to imperialism and colonialism. (Refer to chapters 22-25)

Discuss the locations of the colonial rule of such nations as England, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Portugal, and the United States.

  • Make a table showing colonizing countries, areas each country colonized, and reasons for colonizing. (Refer to maps on pages 573, 579, 582.)

Explain imperialism from the perspective of the colonizers and the colonized and the varied responses by the people under colonial rule.

  • Include issues of national security, strategic advance, moral issues raised by the search for national hegemony, and material issues such as land, resources, and technology.
  • Discuss Latin America, Africa, India, and China.

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