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Assignment Rationale: To use "found" words and design elements to create own statement and concept in a square (8x8") format; exercise in using unexpected words and design elements; encourages flexibility, spontaneity, and awareness of alternative creation sources.
Kickoff Piece(s): Tim Ivison's collage demo, Kowit's chapter called "Cut-ups, Cross-outs, and Ransom Notes," searching zines and other print products. Also check out these sites:

Found Art - - Provides an introduction into found art and provides links to all kinds of things including the Writer's Center, poetry, art work, and other mindcandy.

Class Cut-Ups - - A paper on collagists and assemblagists - "What these armchair artists don't realize is that while it may be easy to glue random objects onto a board or slice away and rearrange photographs from some fashion magazine, to actually invest these recycled images with new meaning is another matter entirely. "I go through literally thousands of images looking for ones that are the right size and position for juxtaposing," Smith says of the work that goes into his disturbing, often pointedly political works. "And I often paint around the edges to make the images match better."

The Punky Collage Art of Winston Smith - - Definitely some quirky imagery

Commercial Art Gallery, Emerging Artist, Electronic Portfolios of Contemporary, Non-Objective, Mixed Media Paintins, Collages, ...well you get the message - - What else do I need to say?

Retina Burn - - Shows collage (Steve Aydt) as well as other media. I like the name, what else can I say...never mind.

Collage Fine Art Gallery - - Contains collage as fine art...hum...that's what the titles says. Sacha, you'll like this one.

Essential Ingredients: | Top

concept, found poem, complementary design, all handcrafted on an 8x8" square

Meets WriteDesign "Rules of Thumb" within website

Writing - "Find" a poem in any source(s) you wish and arrange it to reveal you r own concept or impression; take draft to your response group; revise; edit

Design - Create a handcrafted design to complement your found poem; may use collage style; must fit on 8x8" square; must have a visual and conceptual focus; use any media you wish

Technology - Use your own hands and any available media including matte medium if you're up to Tim's collage god status

Due Date(s) for Steps of Creative Process:

2/1 - 2/3 Concept Development (research, notes, brainstorming [graphic organizers, see CerebralFlatulence on Website], sketching, pre-writing)

2/2 - 2/4 Draft Phase (organize research and create coherent product) Ready for Response

2/4 - 2/8 Revision and Editing Phase (further develop and refine, get more response, proofread)

2/9 - 2/10 Final (tight and as perfect as possible within the timeline and parameters of assignment) Ready for Assessment

Rubric: (scored plus, check, minus)

Meets WriteDesign "Rules of Thumb" within website

Arranges found poem to reveal own concept or impression

Takes draft to response group; revises; edits

Creates a carefully handcrafted design to complement found poem

Fits on 8x8" square

Displays a visual and conceptual focus

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