San Diego Jewish Academy
9th Grade Humanities
California by Rail Magazine Article Assignment Sheet

Assignment Rationale
to recognize contributions made by Jews and others to the larger community or state of California; to prepare a class magazine for our week-long rail trip of the state; to use clear research questions and methods including gathering evidence from primary and secondary sources; to synthesize information from multiple sources; to integrate quotations and citations; to use appropriate conventions for documentation

Kickoff Pieces
tentative trip itinerary and stops; article models from various magazines; Microsoft software demo

Essential Ingredients
In a group of two or fewer students, you will research a stop located on our rail route. You will be teaching the rest of the class about the contributions made by this individual or group to the larger community and state. You must consult a variety of sources and construct a 1-2 page article with a title, byline, pull-out quotations and a bibliography. The article should analyze the contribution of the individual or group to the state of California.

Due Dates for Steps of the Creative Process

Tues-Wed, 4-17-18 Concept Development
(research, notes, brainstorming, sketching, pre-writing, graphic organizers)

Wed-Fri, 4-18-20 Draft Phase
(organize research and create coherent product) Ready for Response

Thur-Wed, 4-19-25 Revision and Editing Phase
(further develop and refine, get more response, proofread)

Wed-Thur, 4-25-26 Final
(tight and as perfect as possible within timeline and parameters) Ready for Assessment

"California by Rail" Article Essential Questions

In our humanities study this year, we've explored elements of being human including: belief systems, love, hate, triumph, and creative expression. The questions below encourage you to examine these human traits in your subject.

  1. Identify the location on our rail route in which your person or community is located.
  2. Identify the individual or community you'll be researching and analyzing for their contributions to the state.
  3. When did the subject of your article come to California?
  4. Where did the subject come from?
  5. Why did the subject come to California (belief systems, love, hate, or…)?
  6. What contributions did the subject make to the establishment of a Californian community or state? Did the contributions reach beyond the community or state? Determine the longevity of the contribution. Does the contribution affect you today (belief systems, love, hate, triumph, creative expression)?
  7. How did the subject keep traditions/religion/culture alive in California?
  8. What barriers did the subject find and overcome in California (triumph, creative expression)?

Trip Topics

  • Amtrak Coast Starlight
  • Jack London Square, Oakland
  • Golden Gate State Park, San Francisco
  • Toulouse-Lautrec and the Spirit of Montmarte Exhibit, California Palace of the Legion of Honor
  • Zeum Teen Zone, interactive arts and technology center
  • A Traveling Jewish Theatre, "Reconciled in the Book of Secrets" play
  • Judah Magnus Museum
  • University of California at Berkeley Campus and town
  • Shoah Foundation or Skirball Cultural Center
  • Simon Wiesenthal Center and Museum of Tolerance
  • UCLA and Westwood

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