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San Diego Jewish Academy
High School Humanities
Using The Book of Questions

  • Brainstorm reactions to the word "question."
  • Discuss the quote, "The only true thoughts are those which do not grasp their own meaning." - Adorno
  • Freewrite questions that you have. They may be literal, metaphorical, small, big, rhetorical.
  • Create an oral poem with a Quaker Read of questions.
  • Look at, react to, read some of Neruda's questions. Encourage reading bilingually, favorite lines, images, recurring motifs.
  • Take time, space, and materials to create a question poem.
    Use brainstorming and freewriting as a starting point.
    Choose a motif.
    Choose metaphorical or literal or combination.
    Paint pictures with questions.
  • Share with response group. Re-vision. Edit.
  • Post for all to see and consider, or create a book of questions.

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