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San Diego Jewish Academy
High School Humanities
Using Natural Artifacts

  • Choose a natural artifact from a geographical region that is dear to you.
  • Read some selections from Neruda like, "Monsoons," that emphasize Neruda's love for his geographical places.
  • Model your own poem about your geographical region after Neruda's.
    Use your own natural artifact to remind your five senses of the place, or as a focus for your poem.
  • Focus on Show, Not Tell in your poem by taking a one inch picture frame (from Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird) and viewing your region through it.
    What would a snapshot SHOW?
    Consider your five senses.
    Revel in the smells, sounds, feelings, tastes, and sights of your region.
  • Read to response group.
    What questions do they have about your place? (from Barry Lane, After the End) Use those questions to further your poem.
  • Re-vision. Edit.
  • Publish. Post. Collect. Display with artifacts.
    Team up with a science class.
    Team up with a geography class.
    Create a cross-curricular exhibit of regions and artifacts.

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