Analytical Essay on Siddartha

To begin our year together in humanities, we've aimed at guiding you toward a "Journey Into Self". To do this, we've discussed: integrity, rules of conduct, goal setting, Siddhartha, Herman Hesse, Hinduism and Buddhism.

Using these "Journey Into Self" topics, we will be composing our first essay together. The prompt for this personal essay follows:

To begin your personal quest for knowledge, we've studied a variety of topics. Based on your study of the novel Siddhartha by Herman Hesse, what are three learnings that you've discovered and you are ready to apply to your own life?

Essay Process "The Trek":

  1. "Plan Your Trip": outline your territory and where you'll stop along the way in order to get to your destination successfully.
  2. "Mark the Trail": lead your readers into your topic and thesis by describing your territory.
  3. "Set Up Camps": develop and construct your camps (body paragraphs) to show your knowledge and understanding of surviving the trip and the trail. Use all the materials you've been given: quotes and details from text, notes, lectures, film, background knowledge, life experience. SHOW, not tell.
  4. "Reach Your Destination": conclude your trip by stating where you've been and what impact this trip has had on your life.

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