Essential Ingredients for Abstract

In one to two pages, 10-12 pt. font (size), double-spaced (20 or 24 pt. leading), explain the idea for your 1950's piece. Include the following clearly labelled subdivisions in your abstract:

Inspiration: Describe what inspired you to create your multi-media piece.

Goal: Describe what you hope your multi-media piece conveys to others. Identify the themes or messages that are represented in your work. How does your work teach and/or persuade? Is it provocative; does it arouse emotions?

Definition: How do you define social criticism through art during the 1950's in America?

Presentation: Imagine how your multi-media piece will be presented in the public venue of a 1950's coffee house, and describe the form it will take.

Research: List the major sources of your research in correct bibliography form:

Essential Ingredients for Bibliography

Please use the following formats or consult the MLA Style Guide for other formats. Note the punctuation and the spacing in the format samples below and the bibliography sample below.

Film Format
Author. Title. Director. Distributor, Year.

Book Format
Author. Title. City: Publisher, Year.

Website Format
Author. "Title." Date of Access. <URL>.


Gilbert, Martin and Rabbi Marvin Hier. Genocide. Director Arnold Schwarzman. Simon Wiesenthal Center, 1981.

Wiesel, Elie. Night. NY: Bantam Edition, 1982

Miller, Franz J. "The White Rose." 24 March 1999.

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