San Diego Jewish Academy
9th and 10th Grade Humanities
"How am I to live?" Portfolio Presentation, June 2002

1. Introduce yourself and your portfolio by explaining two tools that you've added to your collection this year that have helped you define how you are to live: one tool should be academic, and one tool should be personal.

To demonstrate your application of these tools, please show:

  • Example(s) of your work in humanities for the academic tool, and
  • A quote and image for the personal tool.

2. Transition to the body of your portfolio and describe a topic we've studied in humanities this year that has most helped you to answer the question, "How am I to live?" Provide a clear contextual background for the topic with significant historical or literary events and characters. How does the topic complement/show your tools (number 1)?

To demonstrate how this topic helps you define how to live, please show:

  • Example(s) of your work with this topic including textual evidence.

3. Conclude by sharing tangible steps you'll be taking to start implementing what you've learned (number 2) with the tools you've acquired (number 1).

To demonstrate how this topic helps you define how to live, please describe:

  • Your plans for the immediate and forseeable future that utilize your tools and knowledge.

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