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Historical and Cultural Context
Drawing Prompt
Tamara de Lempicka (1898-1980) b. Poland


“My goal is never to copy. Create a new style, clear luminous colors and feel the elegance of the models.” - http://rebirthofreason.com/Articles/Schieder/Tamara_de_Lempicka,_a_Howard_Roark_of_Art.shtml

Media emphasis: painter

Art movement(s): Her own style with a mix of Art Deco, Cubism, and Surrealism

Principles and elements of design: balance, color, emphasis, form, line, movement, rhythm, shape, space, value

Helpful links: http://cgfa.acropolisinc.com/lempicka/index.html


de Lempicka - Kizette - Girl Reading
de Lempicka - Lillies
de Lempicka - Portrait de MMe Ira Perrot
de Lempicka - Portrait - Dr Boucard
de Lempicka - Portrait - Madame Boucard
de Lempicka - Sleeping Blond


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