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Historical and Cultural Context
Drawing Prompt
Jim Dine (1935-) b. America


“I just happen to like the look of the surface that’s been erased and left. It’s…like a strata. I think it enriches the surface and ultimately, if the drawing works at all, it will make it a richer drawing to look at. It’s about the history of the drawing. I like to leave the history in.” - http://www.nga.gov/press/exh/184/quotes.shtm

Media emphasis: painter, sculptor, printmaker illustrator, performance artist, stage designer, and poet

Art movement(s): Pop, Neo daDa

Principles and elements of design: balance, color, contrast, line, movement, pattern, shape

Helpful links: http://www.leninimports.com/jim_dine.html

Dine - Botanical Drawing
Dine - Red, White, and Blue Venus
Dine - Self Portrait - Cambridge
Dine - Study of This Sovereign Life
Dine - Two Big Black Hearts



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